BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Armstrong, Camp Diary (57)

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2594MasterBadenhorst, Jacobus Willem Johannes
124764MissBadenhorst, Martha CathrinaMaria Catrina
124238MasterBadenhorst, WillieWillem Johannes
124628MissBam, Hendrika Johanna
2687MasterBarnard, Adam
125183MasterBarnard, Adam
125130MasterBarnard, Adam
124222MasterBarnard, AdamA Azn
124208MissBarnard, Aletta CAlida C
2842Barnard, baby2 kinderen van C J Barnard
2888Barnard, baby1 kind van M Barnard
2843Barnard, baby2 kinderen van C J Barnard
124225MissBarnard, Catharina ECatharina Elizabetha
125305MissBarnard, Cathrina MagrietaCatherine Magarieta
2850MasterBarnard, Christoffel MC M
124207MasterBarnard, Dirk MDirkie M
125076MissBarnard, Helena Cathrina DorotheaH C D; Helena Catharina
125076MissBarnard, Helena Cathrina DorotheaH C D; Helena Catharina
114757MrsBosman, Aletta Hendrina
114752MissCelliers, Hester Marie Judith
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