BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 127 Merebank RC (185)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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133450Mrde la Rey, Hendrick Johannes AlbertusHendrik Johannes
146934MasterKoester, Philipus Jacobusvan Greuning, Johan Phillupus
82431MrMalan, Hendrik StefanusHendrik Stephanus; Hendrik Stefanes
82430MrMalan, Johannes LodewickusJohannes Lodewijk; Johannes Ludovicus
134581MasterMarais, Barend
134585MissMarais, CatherinaCatrina
134582MasterMarais, David
134584MissMarais, Elizabeth
134587MissMarais, JacobminaJacomina
134586MissMarais, Maria
134580MrsMarais, Maria FrancMrs Frans
60921MasterMeuten, Abraham JohannesMouton, Abram Johs; Abram Johannes
60920MrsMeuten, MagritaMouton, Mrs Daniel Cornelius; Matton
147610MissMeyer, Anna Johanna
147606MrsMeyer, Anna Johanna
147608MissMeyer, Cornelia ElizabethaCornelia Elizabeth
147609MrsMeyer, Engelaar Anna JohannaEngela Anna Johanna
147607MissMeyer, Hessie KatrinaHester Catrina
147612MissMeyer, Hijla Lavina Helena KatrinaHeyla Lefina
147611MissMeyer, Levina Katrina HendrinaCatrina Lifina

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