BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 85 Middelburg DL (435)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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3893MasterBotha, babyongedoopt zoontje van M P H Botha
81085MasterBotha, Jan Willem Christian
3839MissBotha, Johanna SusannaJohanna Suzanna - child of JJ
85923MasterBotha, Johannes HendrikJohannes Hermanus
3916MissBotha, Maria Hendrina Johanna FrancinaMaria H J F
3925MissBotha, Maria Magdalena
85869MrsBotha, Theunis Jacobus
83187MissBreed, Susanna MagdalenaBreedt
83189MrsBreytenbach, Susarra Catharina MariaBrytenbach
4438MsBritz, Susanna Elizabeth
4490MasterBronkhorst, Jacobus Johanneschild of Hendrik G Bronkhorst
78779MissBruwer, George Jozea Jozefgirl with boy's name
78776MissBruwer, Helena Catharina JohannaHelena Catharina Carolina
85989MasterBuskes, Gerhardus Hendrikus Frederikus
80537MissCilliers, Susanna JohannaCelliers
81144MissClaasen, Aletta SusannaClassen
4787MasterClasen, Henning AlbertusHenning A Classen; Classe
2429MasterCoetzee, Daniel Frederik
5145MsCoetzee, Susanna Maria
84922MissCoetzer, ElizabethCoetzee
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