BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 85 Middelburg DL (435)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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85713MasterAdendorff, Petrus Johannesongedoopt
71533MasterAfrica, babychild of Bauchard, Africa or Africa Bauchard
84559MissBadenhorst, Catharina AlettaCatharina Alida B
84558MissBadenhorst, Susanna Elizabeth
79733MissBehrens, Sarah RissitSarah Bijsel
3041Bekker, babyongedoopt, child of Gert Bekker
80743MasterBekker, Godliep
80744MasterBekker, Hendrik Jacobus
80747MissBekker, Martha Magdalena Johanna
80836MasterBenadie, Abram JacobusBernadie, Abraham Jacobus
84441MasterBender, Albertus Benjamin
3144MasterBezuidenhout, Frederik Jacobus
84368MissBezuidenhout, Jacoba JohannaJacoba Johanna
3266MissBlaauw, Christina AlidaBolauw
85727MissBlom, Susanna MagarethaBloem, Maria Susanna Margareta
80911MissBooysen, Petronella Catharina AlettaBooyse; Pieternella Catharina Alettha
85918MasterBosman, Hermanus JohannesHermanus T
3613MasterBotha, Adam Johannes
3618MissBotha, Aletta Gesina
3893MasterBotha, babyongedoopt zoontje van M P H Botha

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