BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 6 Pietersburg births & deaths (171)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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2137MrsAlberts, Katrina WilhelminaCathrina Wilhelmina
34535MissAnderson, Susanna ElizabethElizabeth S
2478MissApelgren, Susanna Katrina HendrinaAppelgrijn, Hendrina C S or S C H; Appelgryn, Susanna H C
34644MissBadenhorst, Beatrice
34994MasterBarkhuizen, Cornelius Johannes JacobusCornelius
34994MasterBarkhuizen, Cornelius Johannes JacobusCornelius
34987MrsBarkhuizen, Johanna Maria
2873MasterBarnard, Adam JohannesJohannes A F
34634MasterBock, babyinfant son
34631MrsBock, Elizabeth
34630MrBock, Peter ReantsPetrus Jan Frederick Reinds
3460MrsBosch, Catrina Elizabeth Fredrika
35036MissBotha, Adriana Maria Jacoba
35034MrBotha, Willem Theunis Johannes
38219MissBremmer, Gertbrecht Johanna MariaBrummer
34885MrsBremmer, Maria PetronellaBrummer, Maria P
35097MissCallaghan, baby
35091MrsCallaghan, Catherine CChristina
34928MrsCloete, Louisa Aletta
34929MasterCloete, Peter BlomerisPetrus

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