BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 6 Pietersburg births & deaths (171)

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35127MasterCombrinck, Johannes JacobusJacobus J
34936MrCombrinck, Stephanus Johannes
5268MrCombrink, David Erasmus
35033Missde Beer, Catrina AAnna Catrina; Annie
34574Mrsde Beer, Cornelia Francina
39257Masterde Beer, Johannes HendrikHendrik J
39089Mrsde Bruin, Wilhelmina Paulina TemoinaWilhelmina Paulina Theunsina
36336Masterde Jager, George Diedrick Fredericktwin of Christian Laurens Marthys; Frederick W G
36221Mrsde Jager, Salomina Fredericka
37068Missde Nysken, Judith Dorotheade Nysschen, Dorothea J
37069Masterde Nysken, Petrus Johannesde Nysschen, Johs P
35312MissDockendorf, Anna HelenaAnna Elizabet
2830MissDohl, babydaughter of William Dick Dohl
37389Mrsdu Plessis, Annie JeanieJeannie Annie
37390Missdu Plessis, Sussarah SophiaSarah
37479Masterdu Plessis, Tobias ReedThomas Ried
37408Masterdu Preez, Daniel Johannes Ludovicus Hermanus
37393Mrsdu Preez, Engela GertrudaCatarina Magdalena
37288Masterdu Preez, Francois
37288Masterdu Preez, Francois
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