BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in TKP 101 Tvl Government Gazette (3062)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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63283MissAarde, Martha AlettaVan Aarde (surname)
2077MissAckerman, Johanna ElizabethaAckermann
37957MissAdendorf, Louisa Danielina StoffelinaAdendorff
2128MasterAlbassini, Lukas WillemAlbasini
2144MasterAlberts, Hendrik Willem
67099MissAlberts, Jacomina Dorothea
2137MrsAlberts, Katrina WilhelminaCathrina Wilhelmina
124054MrAlberts, Lewis J CornelisLouis J
2152MasterAlberts, Louis Jeremias Cornelius
2155MissAlberts, Maria Magdalena Elizabeth
2161MasterAlberts, Petrus Jacobus
2169MissAlexander, Alice
2170MasterAlexander, Benno
124000MissAllers, Doreathea O CDoortia Susana K A; Ahlers, Dorothea Susanna
2190MrAnderson, James C
34535MissAnderson, Susanna ElizabethElizabeth S
2318Annandale, C F
2319MissAnnandale, Gertruida J
2478MissApelgren, Susanna Katrina HendrinaAppelgrijn, Hendrina C S or S C H; Appelgryn, Susanna H C
2476MissAppelgren, Maria PetronellaAppelgryn, Maria P

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