BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in RS 31 Cape & Natal DL (446)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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89122MrsAckerman, Anna Magdalena Elizabeth MarieAnna M E M
34044MrAdam, Jim (James)Adlam, James; Adlam, Jim [DBC 160]
34045MrAgenbach, Gideon Jacobus
48811MrsAlbertse, Anna GerbrechtAnna B
34047MrAppelgryn, Pieter Jacobusof vrouw
77756MrArundel, Edwin
34052MissBaartman, Hendrika Wilhelmina
34051MsBaartman, Janette Maria
34053MrBadenhorst, Cornelis Jacob Johannes
34053MrBadenhorst, Cornelis Jacob Johannes
34054MrsBallot, Cathrina W
34055MrBam, Frederick Johannes
77761MrBarnard, Willem Hendrik
98494MrsBecker, Dorothea SusannahDorothea Susanna; Eloff, Dorethea Susannah Aletta
34059MsBester, Maria Elizabeth
34059MsBester, Maria Elizabeth
34060MrBeukes, Gert Rudolph
34061MissBeukes, Maria Elizabeth
34063Bezuidenhout, baby
34062MsBezuidenhout, Maria

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