BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in SRC 07 (418)

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1396MasterBoshoff, Adam Christiaan
23045MissBoshoff, Chrissie Catharina
23046MsBoshoff, Johanna Petronella
23028MasterBoshoff, Servaas PetrusStefanus Petrus
57886MrsBotha, Anna CatharinaAnna Catrina
57895MasterBotha, baby
23228MasterBotha, Christiaan Johannes
1269MasterBotha, Christoffel Rudolph
52433MrsBotha, Dirkje ElizabethDirkie E; Dirkie Elizabeth
23231MasterBotha, Floris Dirk Jacobus S
57890MissBotha, Hester Sophia
1000MrBotha, Jacobus
57894MissBotha, Johanna HendrinaJohanna N
1447MrBotha, P R
57888MissBotha, Susanna LouisaSusanna Losya
57893MasterBotha, Willem AlbertusWillem A
23232MissBotha, Willemina MagdelinaWillemina Magdalena
1079MrBothma, S C
1080MrsBothma, S C [h]
1012MrBouwers, Willem
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