BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in SRC 07 (418)

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1008MrsAllison, Grieta Francina Susanna
1008MrsAllison, Grieta Francina Susanna
1008MrsAllison, Grieta Francina Susanna
914MasterAppelgryn, Philippus PetrusAppelgrijn
1033MrAswegen, Hendrik Jonathan
1010MissBadenhorst, A
22359MsBadenhorst, Francina Carolina JohannaFrancina C J
1616MasterBarnard, Andrie Marthium Louis
95021MasterBarnard, Jan EsiasJohn Isaias
22405MasterBarnard, Johannes HendrikH J
89230MissBarnard, Marie Magdalena ElizabethMaria Magdalena Elizabeth
1450MrsBarsden, Sophia
1517MasterBasson, Willem Diedrick NWillem Diedrich; Willem Diederiks; Willem Diederiks
22744MissBester, Mabel JohannaMarbel, Machel; Machel Johanna Jacoba
22743MrBester, Stephanus Andries AdriaanStephanus A A
57290MissBezuidenhout, Elizabeth Anna MElizabeth A M; Elsie A M
22905MsBlignaut, Carolina R
1392MsBlom, Martha
1462MsBornman, Cornelia Carolina
1305MasterBosch, Gert Theunis

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