BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Personal Details
Name:Mr J E Smith
Born in camp? No
Died in camp? No
Occupation:camp commandant
Camp occupation:Camp Superintendent
Notes:Also RM

24/8/1901; c/o Mr van Zyl, van Wyksfontein, Norvals Pont, to CSRC: Re his letter, has at once consulted MO at No 10 hospital here, who had kindly treated me, and he entirely agrees with me, that employment of the nature you offer me will soon set me up again. Asks him to allow his son to come with me, at his own expense, as he wishes to have him at school at Grey College.
26/8/1901: permits issued to go to Bloemfontein
Unique ID:77
Camp History
Name:Brandfort RC
Date departure:6/8/1901
Reason departure:transferred
Destination:Orange River RC
Date appointed (as staff):16/2/1901
Notes:26/2/1901, Salary initially £400 pa, now £450

18/5/1901: Mr Smith, the supt, has gone out of his way to make the camp smart and the people comfortable, but leaves nothing to his subordinates, consequently he is overworked. The Supt is on very good terms with the commandant, Col Radhead. The Colonel though a lot of the camp and the way it was managed.

7/6/1901: request for leave refused; instructed to proceed to Thaba 'Nchu to relieve Mr van Iddekerge [?].

17/6/1901: JS Napier, OC, L of C, Centre Sec to DA: Brings to his notice the exellent work done by Mr JE Smith while supt of the Brandfort RC. 'I have seldom seen anyone devote himself to the Public Service with more energy and with greater success. He worked day and night and while keeping up strict discipline and order he managed to win the good opinion and gratitude of all those over whom he was placed. His camp was a model of cleanliness and contentment.
Nd: Reply: Thanks him. Adds that it may be possible for Mr Smith to resume the duties at Brandfort from which it has been temporarily necessary to withdraw him.
Smith at that time in Cape Town.
Name:Orange River RC
Date arrival:6/8/1901
Date appointed (as staff):6/8/1901
Notes:6/8/1901: telegram, Smith to CSRC: 'Under no circumstances will I remain here or undertake refugee camp work. Collapse directly began & am fortified by medical advice in foregoing. Freund & military wil carry on until further orders.
Name:Winburg RC
Date appointed (as staff):3/2/1902
Notes:3/2/1902: CSRC to Superintendent, Winburg: Is sending Mrs Smith on Wednesday to help and advise on your camp. 'He has had large experience in this work having managed two or three camps during his period of service and I hope you will find his suggestions useful.'
Hospital:Cottage Hospital [Orange River]
Date arrival:3/3/1902
Out patient:Yes
Notes:Went on leave to Cape Town to recover
Title:SRC 34
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:34
Dates:Oct-Dec 1901
Notes:A257, 29/10/1901: JE Smith, Aliwal North to CSRC
Title:SRC 10
Reference No.:10
Dates:July-Aug 1901
Notes:RC3927, telegram, 6/8/1901, Smith to CSRC
Title:SRC 11
Reference No.:11
Dates:Aug 1901
Notes:RC4309, 24/8/1901, Smith to CSRC and related correspondence
Title:SRC 02
Reference No.:02
Dates:Feb 1901-7 Mar 1901
Notes:RC323, 26/2/1901, Superintendent Brandfort to CSRC
Title:SRC 19
Reference No.:19
Dates:Jan-Feb 1902
Notes:RC7443, 3/2/1902, CSRC to Superintendent, Winburg
Title:SRC 02
Reference No.:02
Dates:Feb 1901-7 Mar 1901
Notes:RC323, 26/2/1901, Superintendent Brandfort to CSRC
Title:CO 24 Correspondence
Type:Secretary to the ORC Administration
Location:Free State Archives Repository
Reference No.:24
Notes:2123/01: 17/6/1901: JS Napier, OC, L of C, Centre Sec to DA
Title:SRC 08
Reference No.:08
Dates:June 1901
Notes:RC2424, 1/6/1901, Monthly report for Brandfort RC
Title:SRC 07
Reference No.:07
Dates:May 1901
Notes:RC1938, 18/5/1901, Daller's report on Brandfort
Title:SRC 40
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:40
Dates:Apr-May 1902
Notes:A1177: Nurse in charge, Cottage Hospital to CSRC and related correspondence

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