BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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Oberholzer familyChristiana
Oberholzer familyFauresmith
Oberholzer familyHeidelberg
Oberholzer familyJacobsdal
Oberholzer familyJohannesburg
Oberholzer familyKlerksdorp
Oberholzer familyReddersburg
Oberholzer familyRustenburg
Oberholzer familySmithfield
Oberholzer familyJohannesburgVrededorp
Oberholzerkloof / OberholzerskloofZeerust
Odea familyLouis Trichardt
Odendaal / Odendahl familyM W Stroom
Odendaal / Odendal /Odendahl familyWakkerstroom
Odendaal familyCape ColonyAliwal North
Odendaal familyFicksburg
Odendaal familyFicksburgFicksburg
Odendaal familyHarrismith
Odendaal familyPietermaritzburg
Odendaal familyRouxville
Odendaal familyVentersburg
Odendaal familyVrede
Odendaal familyWinburg
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