BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Weltevrede / Weltevreden
Size:996 morgen

Date not given; Owner: Hans Beukes; hidden ammunition and assisting enemy [Source: Cd 524, p.9]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Johanna Maria Magdalena Burger (Johanna Maria) Unique ID: 97869
  2. Master Elenhaezer de Klerk Unique ID: 26902
  3. child 1 Kramer Unique ID: 100838
  4. child 2 Kramer Unique ID: 100839
  5. Mrs J Kramer Unique ID: 100837
  6. Master Jacobus Adriaan Kramer Unique ID: 100840
  7. Ms Susannah Sophia C le Roux Unique ID: 30888
  8. Miss Elsie S Pretorius (Elsie) Unique ID: 48893
  9. Miss Jacoba J Pretorius Unique ID: 48891
  10. Miss Magdalena Pretorius Unique ID: 100937
  11. Mrs Maria A Pretorius Unique ID: 48890
  12. Master Willem L J Pretorius (Willem) Unique ID: 48892
  13. Miss Jacoba Rademan Unique ID: 102321
  14. Master David Johannes Jacobus Reinders (Reiners) Unique ID: 97568
  15. Mrs Elizabetha Cathrina Reinders (Reiners) Unique ID: 97565
  16. Master Hendrik Johannes Jacobus Reinders Unique ID: 97566
  17. Miss Maria Magdalena Jacoba Reinders Unique ID: 97567
  18. Master Hendrik Francois Smit Unique ID: 98917
  19. Master Jacobus Smit Unique ID: 101463
  20. Mrs Jacobus Hendrik Smit Unique ID: 100307
  21. Mr Jacobus Hendrik Smit Unique ID: 100306
  22. Mr Jacs Adr Smit Unique ID: 101457
  23. Miss Johanna Smit Unique ID: 31461
  24. Miss Lenie Smit Unique ID: 101464
  25. Miss Letty Smit Unique ID: 101459
  26. Miss Martha Smit Unique ID: 101461
  27. Miss Nellie Smit Unique ID: 101462
  28. Miss Sarah Susanna Smit (kind van Jacobus Hendr, Sarah Susa) Unique ID: 100309
  29. Master Stefanus Smit Unique ID: 101460
  30. Mrs Susara Susanna Smit (Mrs Jacs Adr; Sara; Small) Unique ID: 101458
  31. Miss Wilhelmina Smit Unique ID: 100308
  32. Mrs Anna Maria Magdalena van Biljon Unique ID: 100121
  33. Ms Jacoba Wilhelmina van Niekerk Unique ID: 28942
  34. Ms Maria Petronella van Niekerk (Maria Petronella) Unique ID: 28979

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