BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Steenbokfontein / Steenboksfontein / Steinbokfontein

Owners: houses of Hans van Dyk, Jan van Dyk, Carl Erasmus, Dorew du Plessis, W Grobler, J harvegar, W Loetz, Jan Eloff, J Pretorius; houses of men who had previously surrendered and again taken up arms against us, and were at the time on commando in the neighbourhood. Our troops were also freely sniped here [Source: Cd 524, p.13]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Alida Tonata du Plessis Unique ID: 15974
  2. Master Casper du Plessis Unique ID: 15981
  3. Miss Cathrina Lefina du Plessis Unique ID: 67925
  4. Miss Cornelia Pietronella du Plessis Unique ID: 67637
  5. Mrs Elizabet Johanna du Plessis (Johanna Elizabeth) Unique ID: 67636
  6. Miss Elizabeth Johanna du Plessis Unique ID: 67639
  7. Miss Elizabeth Maria du Plessis Unique ID: 67924
  8. Miss Engela Pieternella du Plessis Unique ID: 67922
  9. Miss Loureka du Plessis Unique ID: 15973
  10. Master Lourens Martinus du Plessis Unique ID: 15972
  11. Master Pieter Gert Wessel du Plessis Unique ID: 67640
  12. Master Renier Johannes du Plessis Unique ID: 67921
  13. Miss Sophia Magritha du Plessis Unique ID: 67923
  14. Mrs Sophia Magritha du Plessis Unique ID: 67920
  15. Miss Sophia Margritha du Plessis Unique ID: 67638
  16. Maria du Preez Unique ID: 16339
  17. Miss Susanna C J M du Preez Unique ID: 16338
  18. Mrs Alie Theunetta Grobler Unique ID: 64858
  19. Master Dan Gert Barnhard Grobler Unique ID: 64861
  20. Master Laurenz Stefanus Grobler Unique ID: 64859
  21. Master Willem Petrus Grobler Unique ID: 64860
  22. Mrs Charlotte le Roux Unique ID: 68150
  23. Master Jacobus Johannes le Roux Unique ID: 68151
  24. Miss Maria Jacoba le Roux (Roux) Unique ID: 68152
  25. Mrs Isabella Elizabeth Oosthuizen (T E) Unique ID: 67368
  26. Master Petrus Cornelius Pelser Unique ID: 15475
  27. Mrs Aletta Gertruida Pelzer Unique ID: 67689
  28. Miss Anna Cathrina Pelzer Unique ID: 67690
  29. Miss Anna Sophia Pelzer (Pelser ) Unique ID: 67665
  30. Master Frederik Christoffel Pelzer Unique ID: 67694
  31. Master Jan Frederik Pelzer Unique ID: 67692
  32. Master Petrus Cornelius Pelzer Unique ID: 67691
  33. Master Pieter Andries Pelzer Unique ID: 67693
  34. Master Sarel Johannes Pelzer Unique ID: 67695
  35. Mrs Sophia Margritha Pelzer Unique ID: 67664
  36. Master Hendrik Stefanus Pretorius Unique ID: 129339
  37. Mr Johannes Lodewyk Pretorius Unique ID: 129345
  38. Master Evert F Snyman Unique ID: 18816
  39. Miss Gezina Trichardt (Trichard) Unique ID: 20161
  40. Miss Johanna van der Merwe Unique ID: 140612
  41. Miss Elizabeth Johanna van der Walt Unique ID: 21486
  42. Miss Cathrina Beatrix van Dyk Unique ID: 64312
  43. Miss Charlotte Cathrina van Dyk Unique ID: 64308
  44. Miss Cornelia Maria van Dyk Unique ID: 64309
  45. Master Frederik Christoffel van Dyk Unique ID: 64310
  46. Master Gert Martin Jurgens van Dyk Unique ID: 64311
  47. Mrs Jacoba Herkularina van Dyk Unique ID: 64306
  48. Miss Susanna Johanna van Dyk Unique ID: 64307
  49. Miss Anna Maria van Rooyen Unique ID: 68075
  50. Miss Cathrina Lavina van Rooyen Unique ID: 68072
  51. Master Cornelius Johannes van Rooyen Unique ID: 68073
  52. Mrs Johanna Magdal van Rooyen Unique ID: 68070
  53. Miss Johanna Magdalena van Rooyen Unique ID: 68071
  54. Master Pieter Gert Wessel van Rooyen Unique ID: 68074
  55. Miss Sophia Margritha van Rooyen Unique ID: 68076
  56. Master Andries Johannes van Tonder Unique ID: 68918
  57. Miss Anna Susanna van Tonder Unique ID: 68916
  58. Master Cornelius Johannes van Tonder Unique ID: 68915
  59. Miss Engela Paulina van Tonder Unique ID: 68917
  60. Miss Helena Wilhelmina van Tonder Unique ID: 68914
  61. Master Machil Franz van Tonder (Machiel Frans) Unique ID: 68919
  62. Mrs Maria Jacoba van Tonder Unique ID: 68912
  63. Miss Maria Jacoba van Tonder Unique ID: 68913
  64. Miss Wilhelmina Susanna van Tonder Unique ID: 68920
  65. Mr Corlina Emerentia Vos Unique ID: 169606
  66. Mrs Elizabeth Jacomina Vos Unique ID: 169609
  67. Miss Helena Dorothea Vos (Helena Dortya) Unique ID: 69335
  68. Miss Jacomina Alef? Vos Unique ID: 69332
  69. Mr Johannes Casparus Vos Unique ID: 169608
  70. Master Johannes Martinus Vos Unique ID: 21172
  71. Master Johannes Petrus Vos Unique ID: 21173
  72. Miss Marth Maria Vos Unique ID: 69331
  73. Miss Petronella Aletta Vos Unique ID: 21175
  74. Miss Petronella Maria Vos Unique ID: 21174
  75. Master Wilhelm Lambertus Vos Unique ID: 69334
  76. Mrs Wilhelmina Vos Unique ID: 69330
  77. Miss Wilhelmina Johanna Susara Vos (de Vos) Unique ID: 69333
  78. Mr Willem Lambertus Vos Unique ID: 132542
  79. Mr Willem Lambertus Vos Unique ID: 69378
  80. Mr Willem Lambertus Vos Unique ID: 169607
  81. Miss Martha Wood Unique ID: 69549

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