BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Krugersdorp RC Tent: 466 (23)

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138477MissEloff, Alidda
138475MasterEloff, Casper
138474MrsEloff, Gesina
138476MissEloff, Sophia
139921MissKoekemoer, Alidda B
139920MrsKoekemoer, Alidda Barendina
139924MissKoekemoer, Anna Sop
139923MissKoekemoer, Eliz J
139922MasterKoekemoer, Gert P
145515MrMcDonald, Jan Hendrick
145572MrsOosthuizen, Johanna Catherina Aletta
145573MrOosthuizen, Lodewyk J HLodewyk Johannes
145636MrPeens, Fredrik Johannes Jacobus
145641MasterPeens, Hend
145638MasterPeens, Jan Adrian
145639MasterPeens, Joh Izaak
145640MissPeens, Maria
145637MrsPeens, Susanna Elizabeth
143434MrsStrooi, Jacoba
143144Missvan Rooyen, CatherinaCatharina Helena; K

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