BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Pietersburg RC Tent: 30 (18)

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40214MrBuys, Bors
40212MissBuys, Celestina
40206MrBuys, Conrad
40209MissBuys, Engela
40207MrsBuys, Gesina
40210MissBuys, Hester Eugene
40208MissBuys, Katrina Coba
40213MrBuys, Makhabea
40211MissBuys, Sophia
38037MasterSchutte, kafir boy
38035MsSchutte, kafir woman 1
38036MsSchutte, kafir woman 2
38034MrsSchutte, Petronella Elizabeth
38033MissSchutte, Sarah Aletta Elizabeth
38032MrsSchutte, Sarah Aletta ElizabethElizabeth
38687MasterVorster, Andries Wilhelm Jacobus
38686MrsVorster, Christina Elizabeth
38689MissVorster, Johanna Sophia Petronella

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