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Camp Details
Name:Pietersburg RC
Location:on the south-west side of the station, south of the town
Date open:10/05/1901

Raath, p.267: The inhabitants lived for over a year in tents, on a ration of mealie-coffee, salt, sugar and meat. In addition to the main camp, there was a camp for hensoppers. While the Boer families were kept in the camp, hensoppers were allowed to live in their houses. P.268: In May 1902 there were 78 women and children living in the town; during April 1902 there were at least 712 National Scouts - 71 men, 223 women and 223 children living in Pietersburg. In Dec 1901 it was decided to erect a camp for NS. It was located just beyond the boundaries of the town and consisted of 6 bell tents with 17 inmates - 3 men, 8 women and 12 children. These people had originally lived in houses in the town but because of immorality and for other reasons - not stated - they were removed from the town and placed in tents. As far as is known, there were no deaths in the National Scouts camp. [Coetzee & van Schoor, Kampkinders, p.83]. Raath gives 657 deaths; I have a total of 920 deaths

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