BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Pietersburg RC Tent: 10 (26)

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34727MissBotha, Aletta Johanna
34731MasterBotha, Carl Jacobus
34733MissBotha, Caroline Margareta Aletta
34728MissBotha, Johanna Margerita
34725MrsBotha, Johanna Margerita
34726MissBotha, Katreina Anna Johanna
34730MissBotha, Maria Elizabeth
34729MasterBotha, Philip Rudolf
34724MrBotha, Theunis
34732MasterBotha, Willem Martinus
40328MasterBuys, Coba
40326MasterBuys, Conrad
40327MasterBuys, Hans
40331MasterBuys, Hendrick
40305Buys, Mighan
40330MasterBuys, Osbert
40325MrsBuys, Susan
40329MasterBuys, William
35522MasterFortier de Sabrant, Corneliusde Fortier, Sybrand Corns
35518MissFortier du Sabrant, Anna A M

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