BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 118 Jacobs Siding CR (3382)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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173341MissAckerman, Anna Johanna
173342MissAckerman, Susanna Maria
173339MrsAckerman, Wilhelmina
173340MasterAckerman, Willem Petrus
172631MasterAkerman, Gerhardes Stefanes
172633MissAkerman, Johanna Susanna
172630MrsAkerman, Johanna Susanna
172635MasterAkerman, Johannes Nicolaas
172632MasterAkerman, Martin Petrus Nicolaas
172634MasterAkerman, Willem Hendrick
172814MissAnton, Emma Susanna
173064MrsAustin, Charlotta Johanna
173065MasterAustin, Sydney William
159026MrsBadenhorst, Anna MariaAnna Maria Cristina
159072MissBadenhorst, AnnieAnna Louisa
159074MasterBadenhorst, BenjaminBenjamin Johannes
172736MrsBadenhorst, Dinah Maria Susanna
159028MasterBadenhorst, DirkDirk Cornelis Petrus
87885MissBadenhorst, Dirk PetrusDirkie Petronella
172737MasterBadenhorst, Dirk Petrus Stefanes

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