BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 108 Volksrust RC (2229)

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161125MasterBadenhorst, EgenaasIgnatius Stefans [DBC 107]; Ignatius Stefanus [DBC 108]
161123MrBadenhorst, Egenaus HIgnatius Stefans [DBC 107]; Ignatius Stefanus [DBC 108]
160949MissBadenhorst, Geziena JGesina Johanna [DBC 107]
161017MissBadenhorst, Hester MHester Maria [DBC 107]
161020MasterBadenhorst, Ignatius AMathys Andries [DBC 107]; Matthys Andries [DBC 108]
161021MasterBadenhorst, Jan BJan Bernardus [DBC 107]
161126MissBadenhorst, Johanna CJohanna Cath Eliz [DBC 107]; Johanna Catharina Elizabeth [DBC 108]
166273MissBadenhorst, Johanna Philip Johanna Philpina "du Toit" [DBC 108]
161018MasterBadenhorst, Josia FJosia Francois [DBC 107]; Josua Francois [DBC 108]
160946MrsBadenhorst, MagdalinaMagdalena Susanna [DBC 107]
160951MissBadenhorst, MagdalinaMagdalena Susanna [DBC 107]
166272MissBadenhorst, Maria MagdMaria Magdalena [DBC 108]
149242MrsBadenhorst, Martha Joh Sus MariaMartha Johanna Susanna Maria
149243MasterBadenhorst, MathiusMativus Gerhardus; Matheus Johannes; Mattheus G [DBC 105]; Martinus Gerh [DBC 107]
149490MrBadenhorst, Petrus Johannes UysPeterus Johannes Uijs [DBC 105]
166271MrsBadenhorst, Rosena ElizabethRosina Elizabeth [DBC 108]
161129MissBadenhorst, SusaraSusanna Magth [DBC 107]; Susanna Margaritha [DBC 108]
161124MrsBadenhorst, Susara MSusanna Margaritha [DBC 107]
161374MasterBarnard, Hendrik Petrus
161375MasterBarnard, JanJan Chris Antoni
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