BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 128 Merebank CR (102)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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146183MasterBester, Andries Jacobus
146184MissBester, Anna KatrinaAnna Catrina
146185MissBester, Christina KatrinaCristina Catrina
146181MissBester, Johanna Peternella
146180MissBester, Magdalena WilheleminaMagddalena Wilhelmina
146186MissBester, Maria PeternellaMaria Petronella
146179MrsBester, Susana KatrinaSusanna Catrina
146182MissBester, Susana KatrinaSusanna Catrina
146099MasterBotha, Cornelius JohannesCornelis Johs
146769MasterBotha, Cornelius JohannesCornelisis Johs
146100MasterBotha, Josef FrancoisJosiah Francois
146098MrsBotha, Martha Katrina JohannaMartha Catrina
146101MissBotha, Susana PetronellaSusanna Petronella
149386MissBritz, Aletta Katrina Elizvan Aaswegen, Aletta Katrina Elizabeth; Aletta Catrina
149473Mrde Beer, Jacobus JohannesJacs Johs Hendrik
146410Mrdu Preez, Lewis JohannesLouis Johs
146600Missdu Toit, Aletta Maria
152743Missdu Toit, babydaughter
146601Masterdu Toit, Barend KostofBarend
146599Masterdu Toit, Daniel Stephanus HendrikDaniel Stefanus

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