BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 96 Standerton CR (3114)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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145888MasterAnderton, James
145886MrAnderton, James
145887MrsAnderton, Jamimia
145875MissAndrews, Isabella Maria
145876MasterAndrews, James Stephanus
145877MasterAndrews, John
145885MasterAppelgroen, Jacob Johannes
145883MrAppelgroen, Johannes JacobusAppelgreyn
145884MrsAppelgroen, Maria Christina GAppelgreyn, Maria Gertruida Christina
149009MrAswegen, Bernard Hendrick
145936MissBadenhorst, Aletta Johanna WilhelminaA W
145937MasterBadenhorst, Andries Willem JacobusA J
145934MasterBadenhorst, Casper HendrikC H
145932MissBadenhorst, Christina PetronellaC P
145935MissBadenhorst, Elizabeth KathrinaE C
145931MrsBadenhorst, Elizabeth KatrinaE C
146128MrsBadenhorst, Helena Dorothea
146097MrBadenhorst, Jacoba Stephanus de Wet
146034MasterBadenhorst, Lourens Petrus
146033MrBadenhorst, Lourens Petrus
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