BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in A 1267 New Cemetery No 2, Vaalkop, 1902 (15)

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153267MrBergh, Justice Henry
123949MasterBoje, Lukas Theunis Johannes
168011MissCrozier, Elizabeth Cathrina
111991Missdu Plooy, Elizabetha Helena
168861MissEngelbrecht, Cornelia
164795MrLe Roux, Christoffel Petrus
163316MrMoolman, Wessel J
167916MissOosthuizen, Rachel Jacoba
166551MissPieterse, Adriaana CathAdriaana Catharina [DBC 108]
13996Mastervan der Merwe, Gert JGert Jacobus [DBC 109]
167512Missvan der Westhuizen, Heila Elizabeth
173719Missvan Niekerk, Hendrina Johanna
169005MrVerwey, Daniel Cornelis
166035MrVisagie, Roedolph Michal
165931MasterVorster, Barend J

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