BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 154 Wentworth CR (271)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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115294MissBadenhorst, HenriettaHenrietta Jacoba
115297MasterBadenhorst, JanJan Daniel
115293MissBadenhorst, JohannaJohanna Catrina
115299MrBadenhorst, JohannesJohannes Wilhelm; J M
116688MrsBlom, JohannaJohanna Martina Gertruida
116074MasterBodes, BarendBotes
116075MissBodes, JacobaBotes, Jacoba Johanna
116073MrsBodes, NellieBotes, Petronella S Hel
116150MrsBoshoff, AnnieAnna Margrita
116545MrBotha, JohannesJogenius Johannes
116546MrsBotha, MargrietaMargrita Louisa
115726MrsBrink, BeatriceBeatrix Maria
115728MissBrink, CatrinaCatrina Johanna
115729MrBrink, DanielDaniel Johannes
115727MissBrink, ElizabethElizabeth Catrina
115310MrsCelliers, DanilenaDanelina Maria
116597MissCronje, ElizabethElizabeth Catrina
116596MrsCronje, ElizabethElizabeth Catrina
116602MrCronje, FransFrans Gerhardus
116598MasterCronje, JanJan Ernst

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