BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 57 Belfast CR (2701)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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80824MissBeetge, Martha ElizabethBeetger
112225MrBeetge, Sarel JacobusLabuschagne
113995MasterBeetje, Willem AlbertusBeetger; Beetge
79732MissBehrens, Annie Alice
79734MissBehrens, Francis Emily
79729MrsBehrens, Georgina ClaudinaBehrons; Mrs Conrad Willem
79730MissBehrens, Johanna ElizabethBehrons
79731MissBehrens, Wilhelmina SusannaBehrons; Wilhelmina Louisa
78774MrsBernardie, Anna MariaMrs Henning Albertus
113947MrBerrenger, Jan Fredrick
111492MissBezuidenhout, Anna GertruidaAnna
114437MissBezuidenhout, Catherina Gertruidadu Preez
112044MissBezuidenhout, Elizabeth Johanna A
112043MasterBezuidenhout, Frederik Johannes
112046MissBezuidenhout, Helena Sussana
112042MasterBezuidenhout, Hendrik Petrus F
112041MrsBezuidenhout, Jacomina Aletta
112045MissBezuidenhout, Jacomina HelenaJacomina Aletta
111491MrsBezuidenhout, Johanna ElizabethElizabeth; Johanna E
111493MissBezuidenhout, Johanna ElizabethaJohanna
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