BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in SRC 71 Bloemfontein CR (6125)

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107324MrsAckerman, Susarah Magreta
106074MrAckerman, Tjaart
108258MrAckerman, Willem Hend
106072MrAckerman, Willem Hendrik
106024MasterAckerman, Willem Hendrik
105660MissAlberts, Alida Barendina Hendrina
105657MasterAlberts, Andrias
105656MissAlberts, Gertred Eliz Willemina
105661MissAlberts, Hester Aletta
105658MissAlberts, Joh Petron Hend Sus
105655MsAlberts, Johanna Maria
105654MrsAlberts, Johanna Petron Hendrina Sus
105659MissAlberts, Renske Alletta
48812MissAlbertse, Anna BreggieAnna B
48817MasterAlbertse, Hendrik WillemHendrik W
48813MissAlbertse, Hester SophiaHester J
48816MasterAlbertse, Jan HendrikJan H
48814MissAlbertse, Janetta HendrinaJulta A
48815MissAlbertse, Martha MagdMartha M
109566MissAlgryn, Anna Cat Cornelia
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