BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 159 Mafeking DL (209)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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64156MissCronje, Johanna Wilhelmina
66217MissCronje, Margritha Johanna
64067MrsCronje, Martha Susanna
63638Missde Beer, Anna CatherinaJ A C
63412Masterde Beer, Niclaas JohannesNicolaas Johannes
63637Missde Beer, Pieternella LouisaPetronella Louisa
63635Mrsde Beer, Pieternella LouisaPetronella Louisa
65509Missde Jaager, Sarah Engelade Jager, Susara Englea Jacoba
11560de Jager, M JM L
66278Masterde Lange, Andries Lucasongedoopt zoontje A L
66270Missde Lange, ElizabethE S
64335MissDelport, Martha MargrithaMartha Margaretha
64272MasterDetrichs, Ernst ChristianDiedericks
64271MissDetrichs, Gertruida Jacomina PietDiedericks, Geertruida Petronella Jacomina
64268MissDetrichs, Sussara Pieternella JacominaDetrichs
15921Masterdu Plessis, Cornelis JohannesPlessis
15870Missdu Plessis, Susara Jacoba
67595Masterdu Plooy, Andries Gerhardus
67655Missdu Plooy, Wilhelmina Jacoba MariaW J M
67834Missdu Preez, Elizabeth Maria Cornelia
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