BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 159 Mafeking DL (209)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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63283MissAarde, Martha AlettaVan Aarde (surname)
63394MrsBadenhorst, Barbara Christina
63736MasterBadenhorst, Casper HendrikHend F
2967MasterBasson, Nicolaas Gerhardus StefanusBanon, S J D
63605MissBasson, Susarah Johanna DorotyaBanon, S J D; Basjon
63672MissBekker, Martha Anna Aletta
63483MissBill, Lucy AlwinaBiell, Lucy Elmina ; L C; Biel, Lionel E
63525MasterBlauw, Hendrik Albertus DanielBlouw
63572MissBlignaut, Johanna PieternellaBligenhout
63610MissBooysen, Gertruida ChristinaBooyzen, Geertruida Christina
63553MissBotha, Maria CorneliaMaria Cornelia Fredrika; Maria Katerina Frederika
63350MissBurgers, Hester CeciliaBurgher, H S
63975MasterCarlson, John HermanJohn Jermiann
64056MissCarlson, Margrithababy of G C Carlson
88985Coetzee, babymother: Andrina Johanna Coetzee
2430MasterCoetzee, Daniel Joachim
64081MrsCoetzee, Hendrina Johanna
64013MissCoetzee, Martha Margrita
5354MasterCronje, Hendrik
64218MasterCronje, Hendrik Jacobus

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