BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in RS 30 ORC DL (6128)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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28514Msde Minnaar, Catharina Fredrica
28513Masterde Minnaar, George William
28512Missde Minnaar, Maria Johanna
28511Masterde Minnaar, Philippus PetrusMinnaar
28479Missde Minnie, babymeisje; unchristened
54455Missde Plooy, Anna Catrinadu Plooy
30906Missde Rue, Marthade Ru
31995de Swaardt, babykind
44326Masterde Swardt, Abraham Jacobus
43799Mrde Swardt, Abraham Jacobus
43802Masterde Swardt, Frederick Petrus
90528Masterde Swardt, Guillaume Jacobus
90544Masterde Swardt, Jacob Hendrik
91696Missde Swardt, Johanna Christina
44325Missde Swardt, SophiaJacoba Sophia
91695Masterde Swardt, Stephanus JanseStephanus Gerhardus
100318Masterde Swardt, Victor Rolandkind van Adam M Adrianus
100318Masterde Swardt, Victor Rolandkind van Adam M Adrianus
32081Missde Swart, Aletta Johanna
32080Missde Swart, Christina Johanna
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