BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in RS 30 ORC DL (6128)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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99141MrsAlberts, Cathrina HelenaCatherina Helena; Elena Cath; Verwey, Catharina Helena
90975MissBarnard, Anna ElizabethVoster, Anna Elizabeth
90976MissBarnard, Catrina Elizabeth MarieCornelia Catrina; Voster, Catharina Maria
94837MasterBarnard, Gert PetrusSmith
96424MrsBarrett, Christina JohannaBorrett; Matthysen
96830MrsBosman, Aletta CaterinaAletta Cathrina; Mocke; Aletta Catarina
76554MasterBotha, David Herklaasvan der Merwe
54531MissBroadfoot, Margariet JacobaProudfoot; B
96632MissCilliers, Magdalena Aletta Gertruidavan Rooyen; Celliers, Magda Aletta Gertra
95081MrsCombrinck, Hester MargarethaStrauss
96618MrsCordier, Aletta CathrinaNotnagel
89092Mrsde Koch, Caterina Maria AdrianaVenter, de Koch Cath Marie Adriana; Cath Maria
74441Masterde la Rey, Henning Jeremias SprenglarHenning Jeremias Springler
104136Masterde la Rey, Johannes PetrusJohannes P
30789Msde la Rosa, Augustina
28395de Meijer, A D
28427Missde Meijer, Catharina Maria
28428Missde Meyer, Francina Levina
28426Missde Meyer, Helena Maria Magrita
28423Masterde Meyer, Sarel Johannes

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