BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in RS 29 ORC DL (5531)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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2108MsAdcock, Francina Catharina
53053MasterAdendorf, Jan George
2113MissAdendorff, Rachel Martina Elizabeth
2122MissAith, Magdalena Elizabetha
2131MissAlberts, Alida Elizabeth Jetha
99143MissAlberts, Anna Cathrina DorotheaAnna Catharina Dorothea; A B D
2134MissAlberts, Anna Susanna Helena
2136MissAlberts, Catharina Maria Elizabeth
99141MrsAlberts, Cathrina HelenaCatherina Helena; Elena Cath; Verwey, Catharina Helena
2139MasterAlberts, Charles JeremiahSchalk Jeremia
2141MasterAlberts, Gabriel Jacobus Petrus
2142MrAlberts, Gert Daniel
2146MsAlberts, Jacoba Aletta Catharina
2154MissAlberts, Maria Elizabeth
2163MasterAlberts, Stephanus Petrus
92086MasterAlbertse, Gert Petrus JacobusAlbertus
91132MasterAlbertse, Joachim Will ZachAlbertus
92083MasterAlbertse, Petrus FrancoisAlbertus
53404MrAllen, Christian HendrikC
2172MasterAllen, Johannes
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