BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in East London RC (44)

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18138SisterBain, Isabella Frederica
18244SisterBryant, D G
103007MissCilliers, Maria Mag
17959SisterCollins, Ethel
1994MrDyason, A
39987MsEls, Maria Elizabeth
6383MrEls, Ockert Johannes Martinus Francois
103271MrsErasmus, Eliz Mag
48972MrsErasmus, Elsie JMrs Hendrik Stefanus
100342MrErasmus, Hendrik Stefanus
18120SisterGolding, F M
100002MrHeymann, Franz Gust Johannes
34160MasterHeymans, John Hendrik
17937SisterHeys, Maud
1903MissHowell, Caroline
100575MrKirchner, Jacob G
27140MissKramer, Maria J E
101003MrKramer, Petrus Jacobus
18137SisterLivingstone, Janet McFarlaneLivingston

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