BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Personal Details
Name:Nurse Jennie McAdam
Born in camp? No
Died in camp? No
Unique ID:1840
Camp History
Name:Kimberley RC
Date departure:24/05/1902
Reason departure:resigned
Notes:17/10/1901: Superintendent to CSRC, asking if there is another place for her as she is anxious to leave Kimberley.
CSRC reply: please despatch here.

25/9/1901, McAdam to CSRC: Mentioning that she had been asked to be transferred to Orange River;
'Mrs Rutherford, matron at that camp, is anxious to have me there to assist her, as, she being without any nurse feels the work rather a strain. Major Shutte told me he had sent in my application to you, and "recommended it". Will you therefore pardon me if I ask you please graciously to hasten my departure from this camp to that of Orange River Station. I should feel deeply grateful if you could grant me this favour, as it was owing to Mrs Rutherford's suggestion I took up this work & I should be glad to be allowed to with with her.'
Various letters in support, emphasising they are sorry to lose her.
Outcome not clear.

16/4/1902: McAdam to SRC Kimberley: Resigns. Will have been in camp 9 months. Intends returning to England for a short holiday. Asks for an indulgence passage home. Knows she should have worked for a year to receive this, but has had hard work here, being the only nursing sister on day duty during most of Jany and Feby, and early in March. Only intend taking 3 months holiday and intends returning to SA after that.
22/4/1902: CSRC to AAG(B): Recommends indulgence passage.
Title:SRC 15
Reference No.:15
Dates:Oct-Nov 1901
Notes:RC5898, 17/10/1901, Superintendent, Kimberley to CSRC
Title:SRC 16
Reference No.:16
Dates:Nov-Dec 1901
Notes:RC6271, 25/9/1901, Nurse McAdam to CSRC and related correspondence
Title:SRC 40
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:40
Dates:Apr-May 1902
Notes:A1189: 16/4/1902: McAdam to SRC Kimberley and related correspondence

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