BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Personal Details
Name:Mrs Eliza Bullen
Born in camp? No
Died in camp? No
Marital status:married
Camp occupation:nurse
Notes:15/2/1901: intended originally for Brandfort RC28/2/1901: Wages to be 5/- pd
Unique ID:116
Camp History
Name:Springfontein RC
Date appointed (as staff):By 28/2/1901
Notes:6/11/1901: H Sinclair, SRC, Springfontein to CSRC: Forwarding Nurse Bullen's resignation
5/11/1901: Nurse Bullen to CSRC: Resigning. Her principal reason is that she feels unable to carry on the work; her health is quite broken and she is afraid of an utter breakdown; willing to stay until a replacement can be sent; asks for permit to Johannesburg; had a home there before the war and would like to go and see what remains or, if possible, get a little compensation.
5/11/1901: Dr Webb to CSRC: Forwards resignation of his senior nurse. She has been ailing for some little time and finds the work too hard for her. She has had nursing charge of this hospital since the origin of the camp in February last and worked exceedingly well and hard for us. She was working in Johannesburg before the war, where her friends are now, and believes she owns some property for her. Asks for a pass for her to Johannesburg.
7/11/1901: CSRC to Secretary for Permits: Recommending her for a pass to Johannesburg; she has served exceedingly well.
Title:SRC 34
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:34
Dates:Oct-Dec 1901
Notes:A 291, 6/11/1901: H Sinclair, SRC, Springfontein to CSRC and related correspondence
Title:SRC 02
Reference No.:02
Dates:Feb 1901-7 Mar 1901
Notes:RC200 28/2/1901, CSRC to Superintendent, Springfontein
Title:SRC 01
Type:Correspondence files

RC1, 15 Feburary 1901

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