BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Found 39 matches for District / Town: Parys
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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
11657Becker familyParysHeilbron
11992Bouwer familyParys
28152Bower familyParysHeilbron
34821Briel familyParys
26224Brill familyParysHeilbron
34822Brits familyParys
28225Coetzee familyParys
28335Coetzee familyParys ORC
12327Craukamp familyParys
526Cronje familyParys
28144du Plessis familyParys
12566Fick familyParys
130Fisk familyParysHeilbron
12635Fourie familyParys
12716Gouws familyParys
25761Greeff familyParysHeilbron
34623Hunter familyParysORC
218Karelse familyParysHeilbron
34860Keyser familyParys
13470Kruger familyParys
27217Papenfus familyParysHeilbron
30330Potgieter familyParys
245Potgieter familyParysHeilbron
356Reyneke familyParysHeilbron
30331Schoeman familyParys
33923Scott familyParysVrede
133Steenberg familyParysHeilbron
22276van der Merwe familyParys
28469van der Merwe familyParys ORC
30351van Rooyen familyParys
34784Visagie familyParys
115Visagie familyParysHeilbron

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