BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Found 30 matches for District / Town: Mapochsgronden
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Farm IDFarmTownDistrict
702Baily familyMapochsgronden
4733Botha familyMapochsgronden
4813Bronkhorst familyMapochsgronden
4900Coetzee familyMapochsgronden
4509de Beer familyMapochsgronden
3041du Preez familyMapochsgrondenZoutpansberg
3961du Toit familyMapochsgronden
5123Engelbrecht familyMapochsgronden
20630Ferreira familyMapochsgrondenRoosenekal
1088Harmse familyMapochsgronden
1539Jones familyMapochsgronden
1790Koekemoer familyMapochsgronden
1916Krige familyMapochsgrondenZoutpansberg
1926Kruger familyMapochsgronden
29030Lindeque familyMapochsgrondenRoosenekal
2175Lucs familyMapochsgronden
2990Poole familyMapochsgronden
3100Pretorius familyMapochsgronden
3221Ras familyMapochsgronden
3583Smit familyMapochsgrondenZoutpansberg
3643Smith familyMapochsgrondenMiddelburg
3730Steenberg familyMapochsgronden
3782Steyn familyMapochsgrondenMiddelburg
3833Stoltz familyMapochsgronden
3867Strydom familyMapochsgrondenMiddelburg
4580van den Berg familyMapochsgronden
4216Volschenk familyMapochsgronden
4384Willemse familyMapochsgronden
4408Wolmarans familyMapochsgronden

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