BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Krugerspoort / Krugersport
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Bernard Boogman Unique ID: 173176
  2. Miss Catrina Alida Boogman Unique ID: 173175
  3. Master Christiaan Boogman Unique ID: 173177
  4. Master Gert Boogman Unique ID: 173178
  5. Miss Johanna Magdalena Boogman Unique ID: 173174
  6. Mrs Martha Boogman Unique ID: 173173
  7. Mr Jan de Lang Unique ID: 84948
  8. Mr Jan de Lang (de Lange) Unique ID: 113762
  9. Mr John Henry Howard Unique ID: 81635
  10. Mr Norman Logan Unique ID: 128049
  11. baby Olivier Unique ID: 70948
  12. Miss Catherina Helena Olivier Unique ID: 70941
  13. Mrs Gertruda Zacharina May Olivier Unique ID: 70940
  14. Master Jacobus Alwijn Olivier Unique ID: 70945
  15. Master Jacobus Johannes Olivier Unique ID: 70947
  16. Master Jan Antonie Olivier Unique ID: 70946
  17. Miss Maria Margrita Olivier Unique ID: 70942
  18. Mr Robert Jacobus Olivier Unique ID: 111217
  19. Miss Susanna Elizabeth Olivier Unique ID: 70943
  20. Mr Willem Eduard Olivier Unique ID: 70944
  21. Miss Elen Maria Wright Unique ID: 113761
  22. Mrs Maria Elizabeth Wright (Mrs William) Unique ID: 113759
  23. Master Willem Abel Wright (William Daniels) Unique ID: 113760
  24. Mr William Wilson Wright (William) Unique ID: 113758

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