BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details

Owners: Jan Kruger, Stephanus Botha, Lucas van der Merwe, Caspar Vos, Jan Belster, Friedrich Eloff, hans Eloff, Jan Eloff, Piet Belster, Friedrich Belster, Gert van de Walt; our troops were fired on from the vicinity of all these houses. Many of the owners had previously surrendered and again taken up arms. Van der Merwe was captured armed, and was seen shooting at our men. He had previously surrendered. The whole of this district was most disaffected, and th women in many cases were reported by natives to have used rifles against us [Source: Cd 524, p.13]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Gesina Susanna du Toit Unique ID: 68933
  2. Miss Anna Eloff (Anna Catharina) Unique ID: 138616
  3. Miss Anna Cathrina Eloff (Anna Catharina) Unique ID: 64466
  4. Miss Emerencia Pieternella Eloff (Emerens Petronella) Unique ID: 64469
  5. Mrs Emerenzea Pieternella Eloff Unique ID: 64464
  6. Master Erhardt Eloff (Erret) Unique ID: 138618
  7. Miss Helena Cathrina Eloff Unique ID: 64465
  8. Miss Janetta Eloff Unique ID: 138617
  9. Master Johannes Frederik Eloff Unique ID: 64467
  10. Master Johannes Johs Marthinus Eloff (J W) Unique ID: 138619
  11. Miss Susanna Eloff Unique ID: 138615
  12. Mrs Susanna Sofia Eloff Unique ID: 138614
  13. Mr Frederik Engelbrecht Unique ID: 6441
  14. Miss Aletta Cathrina Erasmus Unique ID: 68254
  15. baby Harmse Unique ID: 10826
  16. Mrs Elsie Rossinna Harmse Unique ID: 139464
  17. Master Hendrik Harmse Unique ID: 139466
  18. Master Petrus Harmse (Petrus Teves, J T ) Unique ID: 139465
  19. Mrs Maria Susara Jacoba Kriegel Unique ID: 172513
  20. Miss Susanna Cornelia Kriegel Unique ID: 172515
  21. Miss Susara Jacoba Kriegel Unique ID: 172514
  22. Miss Anna Cathrina Pelzer Unique ID: 67681
  23. Miss Anna Susanna Pelzer Unique ID: 67697
  24. Mrs Charlotte Cathrina Pelzer Unique ID: 67696
  25. Miss Charlotte Cathrina Pelzer Unique ID: 67682
  26. Mrs Dorothea Sophia Pelzer (Pelser; Darie) Unique ID: 67680
  27. Miss Dorothea Sophia Pelzer Unique ID: 67683
  28. Miss Fredrika Stoffelina Pelzer Unique ID: 67684
  29. Miss Maria Sophia Pelzer Unique ID: 67698
  30. Miss Maria Sophia Pelzer (Pelser) Unique ID: 67688
  31. Miss Martha Cathrina Pelzer Unique ID: 67687
  32. Master Petrus Cornelius Pelzer Unique ID: 67685
  33. Miss Sarah Elizabeth Pelzer Unique ID: 67686
  34. Mrs Aletta Cathrina Johanna Roesch Unique ID: 68246
  35. Miss Catharina Johanna Susana Roesch Unique ID: 68251
  36. Miss Harriet Hjenet Roesch Unique ID: 68211
  37. Miss Heriot Janetta Roesch Unique ID: 68252
  38. Mr Jacob Johannes Roesch Unique ID: 68248
  39. Master James Charles Roesch Unique ID: 68250
  40. Mr John Frederik Roesch Unique ID: 68247
  41. Miss Maria Anwan Roesch Unique ID: 68253
  42. Mr Nathaniel Roesch Unique ID: 68245
  43. Mr Nathaniel Cornelius Roesch Unique ID: 68249
  44. Miss Charlotte Cathrina Smit Unique ID: 68602
  45. Master Franzois Alwijn Smit Unique ID: 68605
  46. Master Jan [?] Smit Unique ID: 68607
  47. Miss Johanna Ceceila Smit Unique ID: 68610
  48. Miss Maria Aletta Smit Unique ID: 68603
  49. Mrs Maria Sophia Smit Unique ID: 68601
  50. Miss Maria Sophia Smit Unique ID: 68604
  51. Miss Martha Cathrina Smit Unique ID: 68606
  52. Miss Martha Cathrina Smit Unique ID: 68609
  53. Master Piet Smit Unique ID: 68608
  54. Mr Phillipus Daniel Riekert Swart Unique ID: 145743
  55. Mrs Cathrina van der Walt Unique ID: 69532
  56. Miss Cathrina van der Walt Unique ID: 69535
  57. Master Gert Hendrik van der Walt Unique ID: 69536
  58. Master Jan Sarl van der Walt Unique ID: 69533
  59. Miss Johanna van der Walt Unique ID: 69537
  60. Miss Susanna Leziena van der Walt Unique ID: 69534
  61. Miss Anna Catharina van Zyl Unique ID: 69686
  62. Mrs Engela Elizabeth van Zyl Unique ID: 69685
  63. Master Stefanus Jacobus van Zyl Unique ID: 69687
  64. Master Casper Jan Hendrik Venter Unique ID: 20270

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