BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Karel Jakobus Cloester (Coetser, Coetzee) Unique ID: 4791
  2. Miss Beatrix Helena Coetzee Unique ID: 64170
  3. Mrs Beatrix Helena Coetzee Unique ID: 64169
  4. Master Carl Jacobus Coetzee Unique ID: 64174
  5. Master Frederik Ernst Coetzee Unique ID: 64171
  6. Miss Maria Cathrina Coetzee Unique ID: 64173
  7. Master Petrus Coenrad Coetzee Unique ID: 64172
  8. Ms Salesda Petronella Cronje Unique ID: 5401
  9. Mr Abel Eelkes Hoffman Unique ID: 154534
  10. Mrs Maria Hoffman Unique ID: 154535
  11. Miss Christina Johanna Leach Unique ID: 66255
  12. Mr Edward Leach (Leech ) Unique ID: 118939
  13. Miss Hermina Johanna Leach (Leech) Unique ID: 66253
  14. Mrs Maria Cathrina Leach Unique ID: 66251
  15. Master Petrus Coenrad Leach Unique ID: 66252
  16. Master Thomas Ruben Leach Unique ID: 66254
  17. Mr Hermanus Richard Lemmer Unique ID: 66324
  18. Master Johannes Petrus Lemmer Unique ID: 66325
  19. Master Allen Spinks Unique ID: 68545
  20. Miss Cathrina Spinks Unique ID: 68548
  21. Mrs Cathrina Johanna Spinks Unique ID: 68544
  22. Master Charly Spinks Unique ID: 68552
  23. Miss Elizabeth Spinks Unique ID: 68550
  24. Master George Spinks Unique ID: 68549
  25. Miss Georgina Spinks Unique ID: 68551
  26. Master Hendrik Spinks Unique ID: 68553
  27. Master Jack Spinks Unique ID: 68547
  28. Miss Marian Spinks Unique ID: 68546

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