BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Buys family
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mr Alexander Buys Unique ID: 40215
  2. Mr Bors Buys Unique ID: 40214
  3. Miss Celestina Buys Unique ID: 40212
  4. Master Cesier Buys Unique ID: 40229
  5. Master Conrad Buys Unique ID: 40224
  6. Mr Conrad Buys Unique ID: 40206
  7. Mr Conrad snr Buys Unique ID: 40218
  8. Mr Doon snr Buys Unique ID: 40220
  9. Miss Engela Buys Unique ID: 40209
  10. Mrs Ernestina Buys Unique ID: 40216
  11. Miss Franca Buys Unique ID: 40217
  12. Mrs Gesina Buys Unique ID: 40207
  13. Mrs Gesina Buys Unique ID: 40221
  14. Miss Gesina Buys Unique ID: 40225
  15. Miss Hester Eugene Buys Unique ID: 40210
  16. Mrs Jemima Buys Unique ID: 40227
  17. Miss Joanna Buys Unique ID: 40228
  18. Mrs Katrina Buys Unique ID: 40219
  19. Miss Katrina Coba Buys Unique ID: 40208
  20. Miss Lubbe Buys Unique ID: 40205
  21. Mr Lucas Buys Unique ID: 40226
  22. Mr Makhabea Buys Unique ID: 40213
  23. Miss Martha Buys Unique ID: 40222
  24. Master Piet Buys Unique ID: 40204
  25. Miss Sophia Buys Unique ID: 40211
  26. Master Stephanus Buys Unique ID: 40203
  27. Mr William Buys Unique ID: 40223

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