BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Belfast RC (295 )

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112533MasterBreytenbach, Johannes Jacobus
4284MasterBreytenbach, Petrus Johannes
112259MissBreytenbach, Regina JohannaBreitenbach, Regina Elizabeth;
113240MissBrink, baby
59530MissBroderijk, Anna FrancinaBroodrijk, Annie; Broodryk
4448Broekman, Andrew
112240MissBroekman, Dina Carolina
112777MissBroekman, Dina Carolina
112790MissBroekman, Dina Carolina
112775MasterBroekman, Hendrik Stefanus
112776MasterBroekman, Pieter Willem
71125MissBurger, Allida GoudinaBurger; Hilla Glodina; Burgher, Alida Glondina
71124MissBurger, Jacomina ChristianaJacobina Clurten; Jacobina Cluitea; Burger, Jacomina Christina; Burgher
114042MissBurger, Pieternella MariaBurger; Nella; Burgher
112056MasterBurridge, Johannes LodewikusJohannes Lodewikus
112055MasterBurridge, WilliamBurridge, Willem; Barridge
114108MrsCoetzee, Anna Sophia
5070MasterCoetzee, Johan Christiaan
5074MissCoetzee, Johanna
113988MrCoetzee, Johannes CornelisJohannes C
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