BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Belfast RC (295 )

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113045MrsBadenhorst, Susanah ElizabethSusanna Elizabeth
113995MasterBeetje, Willem AlbertusBeetger; Beetge
3065MasterBekker, William
2207MasterBernadie, Gert Laurence Daniel
111492MissBezuidenhout, Anna GertruidaAnna
113103MrsBosch, Maria MagdalenaBasch
3610Botha, A C
3683MissBotha, Catharina Maria
112812MrBotha, Christoffel
2371MissBotha, Cornelia J
80053MasterBotha, Jacobus Petrus KarelJacobus; Jacobus P C
79845MrBotha, Nicolas GerhardusNicolaas Gerhardus
80844MissBothma, Aletta CorneliaChristina
4077MissBothma, Christina Petronella
4079MasterBothma, Daniel JanJan Daniel
80843MissBothma, Francina Susanna
80086MasterBothma, Jan DanielBotma
112536MrsBreytenbach, Alberta Cornelia
111998MissBreytenbach, Catharina HendrinaCatharina Jacomina; Cathrina H L J
112537MasterBreytenbach, Johan HendrikBreijtenbach

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