BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Kimberley RC (586 )

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77756MrArundel, Edwin
76959MrsBadenhorst, Christina Johanna
77761MrBarnard, Willem Hendrik
77088MasterBasson, Gabriel Francis
77087MasterBasson, Nicolaas Johannes Solomon
22549MissBecker, Elizabeth
74001MasterBecker, Johannes Jurgens
77008MissBekker, Johanna HendrinaJohanna Hendrika
73768MissBester, Martha Maria
73952MrBezuidenhout, Jacobus Philipus
73956MrBezuidenhout, Wynand Frederick
73939MrsBloem, Aletta Sophia
73940MissBloem, Cornelia Magarietha Maria
73989MasterBoshof, Gerhardus Johannes
73988MissBoshof, Johanna Christina Elizabeth
73974MasterBoshof, Louis Petrus Jacobus
73987MissBoshof, Martha Jacoba
73835MissBoshoff, Magdalena Maria
73818MasterBoshoff, Peter Ernest
73779MasterBosman, Johannes W ChristoffelJohn Christoffel

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