BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Howick RC (150 )

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134784MissBower, Susanna FredrikaSusana Fredericka
4221MasterBreet, Joseph E
4741MissCelliers, Magdalena Johanna
4973MasterCoetser, Hendrik Josefus
5075MissCoetzee, Johanna Adriana
5887Missde Beer, Sara Magdalena Pietronella
26446Msde Jager, Aleida Maria
11552Missde Jager, Maria EElizabeth Maria
26430Missde Jager, Susanna Gertruida
12950Missde Lange, Nicolina Jacoba Hester
21190Missde Vos, Ester Elizabetha
21817Masterde Wet, Petrus Ignatius Lourens
29867Msdu Plessis, Alida Maria
29868Missdu Plessis, Isabella JacobaIs Maria
15950Masterdu Plessis, Jan Hendrik
15899Missdu Plessis, Levina CatharinaLaffina Catrina
29869Masterdu Plessis, Lodewijk Theodorus Odendaal
16001Masterdu Plessis, Lourens Stefanus Daniel
15900Masterdu Plessis, Paul Jacobus
15949Masterdu Plessis, Wilhelm Abraham
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