BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons who died in Howick RC (150 )

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3010MasterBehrens, Daniel Heinrich
3011MasterBehrens, Johannes JacobusJohs Petrus
3012Behrens, Susanna Sofia
3046MasterBekker, Hendrik Jacobus
22568MrBentum, Alfie (Archie)Bamtum, Affie; Algie
22570MissBentum, Louisa FrederikaBamtum; Fredericka
22572MissBentum, Marion PieternellaBamtum
22569MasterBentum, Piet
22571MasterBentum, Willem
3314MrBoard, Alfred Johannes
169758MrBord, Alfred JohannesBoard
3444MasterBord, Christiaan CornelisChristian Cornelius
3553MasterBossert, Frederick Christian
3624MasterBotha, Andries Hermanus
4059Botha, baby
3660MissBotha, Barbara Christina Jacoba
3725MsBotha, Frederika Johanna
3955MasterBotha, Matthias J
4078MrsBothma, Catrina Wilmena
4110MissBouwer, Susanna FrederikaBower

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