BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Mafeking RC Tent: T C (294)

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63864MrsBasson, Alida Magdalena
63865MasterBasson, Johannes Jacobus
63866MasterBasson, Roedolf AndriesRudolf Andries
63869MrBasson, Roedolf Andries
68888MissBlom, Johanna AlettaJohanna Jacomina
63765MrsBotha, Johana HelenaJohanna
64151MrCairncross, John Charls
63934MrsCelliers, Barbara Isabella
63937MasterCelliers, Daniel Hendrik
63933MrCelliers, Daniel Hendrik
63935MasterCelliers, Jacob Gabriel
63936MasterCelliers, Jacobus Albertus
64175MrsCloette, Elsie Gertruda AlettaElzie Aletta; Cloete
64176MissCloette, Eva Louise
64177MrCloette, Jacob Elizabeth
64036MrConradie, Dirk Philippus
64150MissCorb, Christina
65918Missde Kok, Cathrina Elizabeth
65915Mrde Kok, Frederik Jacobus
65919Masterde Kok, Gert

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