BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Middelburg RC Tent: II 378 (13)

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81219MrsDuvenhage, Abraham Christian JohannesDuvenage; Abraham Johannes Christiaan; Abraham Johannes Christian
81220MasterDuvenhage, Abraham Petrus
81222MissDuvenhage, Abrama Christina JohannaAbraham Christian; Abrahamma Christina Johanna
81223MissDuvenhage, Anna FrancinaAnna Francena
81225MasterDuvenhage, EwardEuvied
81224MissDuvenhage, Susanna MagdalenaDuvenage, Magdalena Susanna; Dievenaar
81221MissDuvenhage, Wilhelmina Susanna GertrudaWilhelmina Susannah
82138MasterLiebenberg, David BenjaminLiessenberg
82136MasterLiebenberg, Frederik JacobusFredericka Jacobus
82139MissLiebenberg, Judith Magdalena
82135MrsLiebenberg, Roelof Johannes
82137MasterLiebenberg, Roelof Johannes
82140MissLiebenberg, Sofia AdrianaSophia Adriana

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