BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Volksrust RC Tent: F (58)

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161177MrBezuidenhoudt, Johan A HJohan Adolf Hend [DBC 107]
161179MrBolton, J FJan Frederick [DBC 107]
161293MrBotha, Herculas JohannesHerclas J [DBC 107]
161169MrBotha, Johannes M HJohannes Mareus Her [DBC 107]
161295MasterBotha, Philip RudolphPhillipus R [DBC 107]
161192MrBreytenbach, Barend Hend
161630Mr Carey, Christoffel CornelisCary [DBC 107]
161632MissCarey, MariaCary [DBC 107]
161631MissCarey, Susanna JohannaCary [DBC 107]
163153Masterde Lange, Dolf (Bezuidenhout)Bezuidenhoudt, Johannes Adolf [DBC 108]
163151Mrde Lange, Frederick Jacobus
163152Mrsde Lange, Maria Magdalena
161952MsEnclif, Anna S
161951Mr Erasmus, Jacobus AJacobus Abraham [DBC 107]
162063MrFerreira, Martinus G TMartinus Gert Thom [DBC 107]
162058MrFouche, Paul Petrus
162059MrsFourie, Catharin BBarbara Cathr [DBC 107]; Barbara Catharina [DBC 108]
162060MasterFourie, Hermanus NHermanus Niclo [DBC 107]; Hermanus Nicolaas [DBC 108]
162190MrGrobler, Stefanus Frederik
162761MrKolbe, Frederick ForatunctoFred Fortunatus [DBC 107]; Frederick Fortunatius [DBC 108]

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