BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Volksrust RC Tent: E (41)

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160810MrAdendorff, Machel J
161180MrBeukes, Hendrik H CHendrick H C [DBC 107]
161181MrBeukes, J ABuikes [DBC 107]
161186MrBotha, Martinus Joh
161182MrBronkhorst, N T JNicolaas T [DBC 107]; Nicolaas Theodorus [DBC 108]
163070Mrde Lange, Stefanus JacStefanus Jacobus
162493MrJoubert, Coenraad Fred
162492MrJoubert, David Josua
162713MrKemp, Johannes JacJohannes Jacobus [DBC 107]
162715MrKemp, Jurie JohannesJurrie Johannes [DBC 108]
162694MissKnobel, Catharina ECatharina Johanna [DBC 107]
162695MissKnobel, Clara MClara Elizabeth [DBC 107]
162692MasterKnobel, Johan LLudwig Johan [DBC 107]
162693MasterKnobel, Pierre D RPierrre Daniel [DBC 107]; Pierre Daniel R [DBC 108]
162691MrsKnobel, Sophia A JAgnes Sophia Johana [DBC 107]
162696MasterKnobel, Wilhelm Frederick
162690MrKnobel, William FredkWilliam Frederick [DBC 107]
162712MrKoch, David ChrDavid Christoffel [DBC 107]
162751MsKoch, Susanna Magda
162711MrKrogh, Egbert WmEgbert William [DBC 107]

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