BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Volksrust RC Tent: B (62)

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161189MrBezuidenhoudt, François JacFrancois Jacs [DBC 107]
161168MrBezuidenhoudt, Gert Adriaan
161167MrBezuidenhoudt, Hendrik StefHend Stefanus [DBC 107]
161290MrBolton, Hendrik H Francois
161188MrBreytenbach, Johannes VJohannes Velde [DBC 107]
161187MrBronkhorst, G AGijs Albertus [DBC 107]
161595Mr Celliers, Daniel Abraham
161650MrCoetzer, Daniel Stefanus P
161593Mr Coetzer, Johannes Jacobus
161594MasterCoetzer, Pieter Willem
161641MrCowan, David Cecil
162491Mrde Jager, Petrus AndAndries Petrus
161183Mrdu Basson, D Jdu Buisson, David Izak [DBC 107]
161184Mrdu Basson, L Jdu Buisson, Louis Johannes
161957MrEls, J M
161982MasterEls, Johannes Gerhardus
161984MrsEls, Maria Magdalena
161985MissEls, Martha Francina
161986MrEls, Nicolaas Jacobus
161988MrsErasmus, Cornelia MargarithaCorenelia Magretha [DBC 108]; Cornelia Johanna Magrita

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